About us

About Nilo Herbal Blends
Our aim is to draw focus on health and wellbeing through the benefits of natural herbs. There are multiple benefits associated with herbs. This inspired us to create a range of loose leaf teas that promote the importance of taking care of ourselves from the inside out, while also benefiting from the overall experience our teas have to offer.
Blended with purpose filled with goodness.  Each of our tea blends are curated with the intention to meet the needs of our audience. The ingredients incorporated in our teas were chosen specially for their known qualities and benefits. Whether it’s a tea to help with feeling rejuvenated or a tea to help wine down. We focus on providing blends that support your needs and compliments your lifestyle.
Our Teas
Our loose teas are handcrafted and blended with purpose, filled with goodness. The Wellbeing collection consists of our signature blends, Relax Tea, Energise Tea and Immunitea. The blends were inspired by the different stages we go through during our day or stage in our lives where you may need unwind or need a pick me up.
Our ingredients are carefully chosen and sourced. All are natural with no added chemicals, additives or preservatives. All of our teas are hand blended in the UK.